Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Warmest Day of the Family.

Everybody, 冬至快乐!

This is a day which all members of the family gonna have a reunion dinner and have Tang Yuan as desserts, it indicates 合家团圆, this is the warmest day ever! I've had the warmest one today, and how about you people out there? 

Don't be sad if you don't, just date few of your friends or make Tang Yuan together, it's also not that bad after all. :) 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainy Days.

I love rainy days, do you? 'cuz i feel fresh and relax simply because 雨后便是晴天...

It's raining outside, should it be a good day. However, too bad, complicated feelings inside.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry X'mas!

Hey people, flash back now, ask yourself, throughout the year of 2010, have you done everything that you supposed to do? Satisfied with your performance? Or regret that you did not do well? Or perhaps you have not done yet? If yes, then be quick, what are you waiting for? Come on, it's near to the end now! Take this last opportunity to fulfill your whatsoever targets of life for this year. Live with no regrets in your life, always remember. =)

I am pretty sure that everyone of us have been facing and going through ups and downs at all times and so am i, this is LIFE! Laugh out loud when you are happy, cry out loud when you are depressed, it has nothing wrong. The next day is gonna be a better one. Okay, easier said than done. In fact, life is somehow not here to fulfill us with smoothing life for all the times, it loves us at this time, and then hits us hard later on. 

Think positively, life is teaching us to be successful, to enjoy to the max when it is good time, and to fight back when hard times come. It's like a long term battle, we are the armies, life is the enemy, just a matter of good one or the bad one and the matter of time. I am blessed and so glad to say that this year of life has been treating me pretty nice and i cherish every single moment i have had. 

Okay, i have not forgotten that i am gonna have the last exam paper on this coming soon Friday, well oh well i know that i should be doing my revision at this moment but apparently my mind doesn't work out and my heart simply couldn't hide the mood of holidays, the LONG holidays that i am gonna have. yoohoo I am totally away from the supposedly revision mood now wtf. Come on, this will be the last, LAST paper! Do your best!!

Downloaded it from Google. *phewwitt*

Early Merry X'mas everybody! =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tips on Resume Writing and Interview

I've attended this workshop which organized by the Kelly Services quiet some time ago when i was in UTAR Sg. Long campus. I've noted down some of the important points and hope it is helpful for you guys, especially to my dear friends who are seeking for new jobs or planning to look for a new job. =)

The very first step to succeed always come from an intelligent plan. So, there are five simple steps for you to make your own career planning:

  1. Develop your own career path
  2. Access to your skills and interests ( Do what you like and the MONEY will follow! )
  3. Research on variety of occupations
  4. Compare with your skills and interests
  5. Take action in the means of sending resume and be ready for the call for interview =)
Next, prepare your resume. Just bear in mind the Do and Don't.
  • include a recent and presentable PASSPORT-SIZED photo of you ( no family photo, no boyfriend girlfriend photo,etc )
  • keep it SHORT and PRECISE ( you are not writing an essay huh )
  • use action and achievement words ( I am lazy. )
  • attach with a COVER LETTER ( it's a must!!! )
  • start with your current or most recent job
  • personalize your resume to suit the application ( i don't think an economic student can apply to be a nurse huh )
  • exceed 2 or 3 pages
  • send poor or unclear photocopies 
  • use correction pens to blank off any information on your resume e.g Whitener, White Tape, Liquid Paper ( so make sure you do not make any typing errors or spelling mistakes )
  • send more than once 
  • use fancy, perfumed or coloured paper
  • exclude the name of past employers or company
  • give false or negative information
Now, if you receive a call from the company, whether you are happy or unhappy, whether you want or do not want to attend the interview, be kind and gentle when answering and give an firm answer that you are or are not going. Off with a thank you, yes, be polite! This can give them a good impression on you.

Preparation is always the must before you do anything, one can reduce the possibility of making mistakes and do the best one. Therefore, before you attend the interview, get prepare on how to answer their questions. Here are some of the examples that usually will be asked during the interview session:
  1. Tell me about yourself. ( be logical, they are testing on your communication skill now )
  2. Your skills are? Why? 
  3. What are your weaknesses? ( try to turn weakness into positive e.g area to improve on )
  4. What are your achievements?
  5. Your failures? What have you learned from it?
  6. How would you handle a .. ( cases, situation, etc ) that has gone out of hand? ( testing on your knowledges, creativity. couldn't help, study a little related stuff, you have to! )
  7. What is your goal for the next five years?
  8. What are you passionate about?
  9. Any questions? ( IMPORTANT: Don't say no. Don't ask about the salary or benefits especially in the first interview. Do ask e.g 1. What are your expectation of me? 2. What do i need to do? e.g job tasks, how to hit sales target, etc )
Oh yea, remember to greet, say good morning afternoon etc, to sir madam etc, it is better if you know their names and address them correctly and nicely. It will be more impressed. And say thank you and hope to hear from you soon before leaving. Be confident but not 'hao lian' =)

Good luck everybody!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Monday.

People used to say Monday isn't a good day at all. It's a depressing day and usually people do not feel good in mood on this day too. Blue Monday, agree?

Monday indicates a day that some will have to turn back to their office early in the morning with still a sleepy face, attend a meeting, appointments, etc Also a day that some will have to begin follow-up whatsoever cases from the past week, continue calling to clients, bargain, discuss, etc Also a day that some will have to attend boring classes with a dull empty brain which only remember clearly the handsome guy or the hot girl met in the club during the rock weekends night. How about yours?

Well, my Monday is gonna be kinda different. I do not have any super difficult or challenging tasks like you people. My weekends was so damn boring yet unproductive and so i did not have chances to meet sexy lovely guy in the rock nights, neither do i have any complicated cases to follow-up nor busy for working life, therefore the only task i must have to do today is revision. Yo, it's so simple task! >< Hmm, i've spent almost 23 hours in past two days for watching PPS and other times i was sleeping and napping. Okay now, i have fully charged and have full of energy motivation power inside!

So chills and stop complaining. Let's make it different, live in positive, love your Monday and no more Blue Monday today. I AM READY! =)

Gonna have lunch with housie Chew. Good day and be motivated!  

Here a great song to share with you, Sweetbox - Life is cool


I never really tried to be positive
I’m too damn busy being negative
So focused on what I get
I never understand what it means to live
You know we all love to just complain
But maybe we should try to rearrange
There’s always someone who’s got it worse than you

My life is…
My life is so cool, my life is so cool
Oh yeah, from a different point of view
My life is…
My life is so cool, my life is so cool
Oh yeah, from a different point of view

We’re all so busy trying to get ahead
Got a pillow of fears when we go to bed
We’re never satisfied
The grass is greener on the other side
So distracted with our jealousy
Forget it’s in our hands to stop the agony
Will you ever be content on your side of the fence?

Maybe you’re the guy who needs a second chance
Maybe you’re the girl who’s never asked to dance
Maybe you’re a lonely soul
A single mother scared and all alone
Gotta remember we live what we choose
It’s not what you say, it’s what you do
And the life you want is the life you have to make

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leaving Soon.

Time flies, soon, very soon, in a week, i am gonna leave here and say bye to my uni life, kinda sad, honestly. Sad, because i know that i am gonna lose this so relaxing days over here, yam cah day and night, travelling back to Subang and Johor again and again, getting full financial supports,... despite of all assignments due, exam,... Although i did not really have much happenings here with my friends but every single little joys i've had with all of them, yes i am gonna remember and keep all in my memory disc. Well, the Ipoh day trip and Westlake night were the best memories for me! And our Moral campaign, it was so great and cool! What's yours, my dear fellow classmates?

On this coming soon Friday, it will be our last day in exam hall, our last day in uni, probably also will be the last day we meet. wtf it sounds like gonna fly to heaven or go to hell *touch wood* Ey who knows some of us will be working in the same company? Or business partners? Or neighbors? Or bump into each other at somewhere? Or meet on the highway with both cars stuck in the bad damn traffic jam and just stop side by side? Nothing is impossible and everything is possible. Maybe there are some falling in love? o.O Anyway, if we are not happened to meet, then the next time we gather again will be in the convocation which will only be held in March if not mistaken.

Meaning to say that, after the last paper on this Friday, i am gonna move on to another stage of life which is working life. Oh no! Others are now busy looking for jobs, some attended interviews, some awaiting for interviews,... but hell i have not even get my resume done. You know what, i am gonna spend my whole life time to work unless i marry to a billionaire then i probably just only need to spend money! yayy  Therefore i would love to have a long break and have funs before stepping into the next stage, probably go for travelling with my family and the BoyFriend and friends will do! =) Hey i am still eligible to get full financial supports now from my dad and the BoyFriend as long as i don't get a job! *evil grins*

Okay people it does not mean that i am a lazy bum or whatsoever, i am gonna be a totally workaholic in the future, i can predict. I love to keep myself busy sometimes. =) And, i am not those wanting to rely on men kind of people okay, i believe it is definitely enjoyable if i could spend as much as i desire with my own huge earnings. However i of course will be more than happy if i have a man that i can completely rely on so that i have extra to spend. Who the hell in this world do not love money? Well, i am actually quiet frugal, i don't spend money like water usually and sometimes i am quiet penny-pinching wtf

That's all for now. Gotta wake up early tomorrow and start packing.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sick Mom.

Last week i was told that my dear mom had been sent to hospital not long after she returned from Hong Kong because of dengue fever. Poor mom, who is usually healthful but a bad damn Aedes mosquito ruined her next holiday trips and ended up with feelings of depress and restless days on hospital bed. Being a filially daughter of mom, of course i will stay in hospital to be a companion for my mom although i am actually chicken-hearted ( okay, i admit this! ) and i strongly believe in ghost-in-the-world kind of stupid story wtf :) Okay frankly speaking, after i stayed with mom in hospital for few nights i seriously agree that it is not that simple and easy to take care of patients so yea doctors and nurse are really great but not ALL! Well, i actually have tonnes of complaints about the general hospitals! Stay tune, will be in another post. :)

Yea people say that if dengue attacks it is better to seek for treatment in general hospital but why? Better equipped with blood storages? On the other side, private hospitals in my hometown also did not accept mom's case and so mom was forced to admit to the general hospital. And, see, now it is not that money can do everything somehow but in fact some private hospitals also would not accept certain case as  mom's platelet counts was as low as 4 during that time, this is a very very low point and dangerous condition. Oh, by the way, now i know we can actually ask for VIP room single room double room or whatsoever but just that we have to pay BUT dengue patients could not.

During the beginning period of dengue attacks, mom was not only having high fever, also intense joint and muscle pain, low blood pressure, headache and loss of appetite. She could not walk and must only depend on wheelchair due to dizziness as a result of low blood pressure. Thus, all those bathing and toilet jobs i had to give her helping hands too. And in the evening, i brought her sitting on wheelchair to garden for fresh breathing for a while instead of lying on bed and looking at those even serious illness of patients around her. Also, i massaged for her till she fell asleep, fed her drinks continuously even though she kept on vomitting. Yea doctor said drinks is important since mom could not eat even one or two spoon of porridge and she was terribly weak.

Each time when mom was yelling in pain and her tears was rolling down, it was really really upset me and heartache at once. She cried when she could not tell which part of her body was in ache and she looked so helpless at times but no choice i had to wipe away my tears right away and comfort her. There, i have learned a little how to take care of patients and ways to console them. Mom is usually very strong and so i can imagine how hard and painful was mom during that period of sickness until she can ease for almost 7kgs in a week. Well, mom was obviously more happy and smiled more only when her lovely darling, my dad dropped by and holding her hands tight. Not only dad, my aunties, cousins all also worried about mom and they kept on calling for mom's condition updates and dropped by for visits. We are so grateful for your concerns. :) Also, thanks to the BoyFriend who helped us so much too. 

Few days back mom finally has been discharged after almost a week hotel-ing in hospital and got back home. Now she is almost recovered and alright. :) Just heard from my brother that she scolded the four big and small men ( my dad and 3 kiddo brothers ) in my house which means that she has enough of 'zhong qi' right now. Love you mom! 

To know more about dengue fever, click here

Time to grab for dinner and webcam session with my family.  Bye!