Friday, May 27, 2011

Back again, always.

I've promised, no more sad posts neither in my blog nor in my life. Once again, he turns me into a believer and keeps me coming back for more. I can breathe so smooth now! :)

Flash back, it was like a nightmare where i stumbled and fell so hard until it hits me to the deepest ground and i hardly feel painful. Despite of whatsoever, still, I believe love always find its ways to me. And right now, no longer do i afraid of any circumstances about getting my heart torn into two. I'd never give up on loves cuz what is the worst that can happen, cry and be miserable for a short while and eventually I'll get through it.

Yea, U have no way to defeat! Byebye tricks!

Years of love, isn't about just counting days, hours nor minutes, its counting in term of infinity loves and cares;
Years of love, isn't about just way to welcome happiness together, its about way to overcome bitterness when hard time hits;
Years of love, isn't about just hiding from each other, its about spelling all out to one another eventually;
Years of love, isn't about just being hateful and madness to the max at times, its about thankful of being honest and turning into forgiveness in the end.

Anyway, i am counting it now... tik tok tik tok... Another special day for us

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sweet Escape.

 We are here for the Valentine's, for completely two of us.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!

Good day and Happy Chinese New Year, folks.

Chinese New Year soon comes to a full stop and another worth-celebrated Valentine's Day is there on the way coming. =) Reunion dinners, family's outings, friends' gatherings, gambling games, liquor nights,... these were all people usually busy with. So did i. It was the most tiring festival throughout all others, no?

4,5,6 M's classmates and old long lost friends.

 Convent girls' gathering @Barney's

Kinda shame to say, i must get a camera in this year as i do not have one now and that is why i do not have much fancy pictures here! I've missed snapping photo around during all past happenings and it just seems so enjoyable to ka chak ka chak. Memories in mind might be forgotten sometimes, hardly lasted; pictures can be collected and keep forever, it tells all stories. Therefore the camera helps most, especially for short memory kind of people like me. I love and also enjoy flipping through old photo albums so it reminds me how was life treating me in the past and i can barely remember each and every story behind all the pictures. =)

Look, we can't deny how quickly time has passed us all by and omg it seems like everything had just happened yesterday! Strongly do i believe that things might not happen twice in our lives which is what i keep on reminding myself about this; thus i am learning strictly not to miss whatsoever happenings in my life cuz it just oh-what-a-waste to place a regret in the stories of my life. There is an ending for all our stories of life one day later without being acknowledged and we might not have any second chance to fulfill the regret; hence far behind this little inner thoughts it teaches me three precious words which is Dedicate, Appreciate and Grateful and little do i know that is this time i shall try my best to make the best out of this 2011! =)

Before signing off, i would like to wish all of you an amazing and exceptional Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My 2011.

Firstly, i did an extreme haircut to welcome this 2011 and to surprise The BoyFriend with a brand new girlfriend and he loves it :)

Me and The BoyFriend.

Then, i've had a great gathering dinner and liquor night with some friends.

Xuqi & her husband, Hannee & her darling and me & The BoyFriend.

Couples-Dinner @ Picnic at Tree.

As usual, people have their own new targets in every brand new year and so do i. It's kinda sad to say, my diet plan has never been truly executed and achieved in the past, and so move on, the next thing i am gonna do is to shed my fats away! I swear, cuz with this short and bob hairstyle on my head now, i am gonna looked even more chubby if i don't stick on a proper diet menu especially i am now only spending my days to eat, sleep, play, sleep, eat, play,... wtf

My holidays, glad to say, it is still on. I've been to Singapore several times for day trip and i will be in Singapore again on 21st Jan. Sponsors are found! *evil grins* I am planning lately for some short trips to Penang and Hat Yai on this coming weekend, hopefully it will be. Oh damn my pocket is gonna be empty soon T.T but i am enjoying it so much!

Jobs? Nah, my resume has not done yet. hehe Anyway, congrats to those who already got hired and good luck to those who are seeking for jobs. All the best to your career path.

Oh by the way, i am so blessed that i am officially graduated, congrats to me , so looking forward to the convocation in mid of March and i can meet with all my friends again! yayy

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Late Greetings of Happy New Year 2011.

Happy New Year 2011 to everyone! :)

With all my hearts and souls, i am gonna strike for the best in this year but of course i am gonna enjoying to the max for this few months beforehand. 

Are you ready to fight for your life now? 

Anyway, wish me lucks and all the best, people! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Warmest Day of the Family.

Everybody, 冬至快乐!

This is a day which all members of the family gonna have a reunion dinner and have Tang Yuan as desserts, it indicates 合家团圆, this is the warmest day ever! I've had the warmest one today, and how about you people out there? 

Don't be sad if you don't, just date few of your friends or make Tang Yuan together, it's also not that bad after all. :) 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainy Days.

I love rainy days, do you? 'cuz i feel fresh and relax simply because 雨后便是晴天...

It's raining outside, should it be a good day. However, too bad, complicated feelings inside.