Friday, May 27, 2011

Back again, always.

I've promised, no more sad posts neither in my blog nor in my life. Once again, he turns me into a believer and keeps me coming back for more. I can breathe so smooth now! :)

Flash back, it was like a nightmare where i stumbled and fell so hard until it hits me to the deepest ground and i hardly feel painful. Despite of whatsoever, still, I believe love always find its ways to me. And right now, no longer do i afraid of any circumstances about getting my heart torn into two. I'd never give up on loves cuz what is the worst that can happen, cry and be miserable for a short while and eventually I'll get through it.

Yea, U have no way to defeat! Byebye tricks!

Years of love, isn't about just counting days, hours nor minutes, its counting in term of infinity loves and cares;
Years of love, isn't about just way to welcome happiness together, its about way to overcome bitterness when hard time hits;
Years of love, isn't about just hiding from each other, its about spelling all out to one another eventually;
Years of love, isn't about just being hateful and madness to the max at times, its about thankful of being honest and turning into forgiveness in the end.

Anyway, i am counting it now... tik tok tik tok... Another special day for us

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