Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!

Good day and Happy Chinese New Year, folks.

Chinese New Year soon comes to a full stop and another worth-celebrated Valentine's Day is there on the way coming. =) Reunion dinners, family's outings, friends' gatherings, gambling games, liquor nights,... these were all people usually busy with. So did i. It was the most tiring festival throughout all others, no?

4,5,6 M's classmates and old long lost friends.

 Convent girls' gathering @Barney's

Kinda shame to say, i must get a camera in this year as i do not have one now and that is why i do not have much fancy pictures here! I've missed snapping photo around during all past happenings and it just seems so enjoyable to ka chak ka chak. Memories in mind might be forgotten sometimes, hardly lasted; pictures can be collected and keep forever, it tells all stories. Therefore the camera helps most, especially for short memory kind of people like me. I love and also enjoy flipping through old photo albums so it reminds me how was life treating me in the past and i can barely remember each and every story behind all the pictures. =)

Look, we can't deny how quickly time has passed us all by and omg it seems like everything had just happened yesterday! Strongly do i believe that things might not happen twice in our lives which is what i keep on reminding myself about this; thus i am learning strictly not to miss whatsoever happenings in my life cuz it just oh-what-a-waste to place a regret in the stories of my life. There is an ending for all our stories of life one day later without being acknowledged and we might not have any second chance to fulfill the regret; hence far behind this little inner thoughts it teaches me three precious words which is Dedicate, Appreciate and Grateful and little do i know that is this time i shall try my best to make the best out of this 2011! =)

Before signing off, i would like to wish all of you an amazing and exceptional Valentine's Day!

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